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About Kyiv


 I will tell you some facts about Kyiv.

 It doesn't matter whether you spell Kiev or Kyiv. It isn't important at all , because Kyiv it is Ukrainian name and Kiev - Russian. I'm sure everyone will understand you!



 Probably you have recently learned that Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. Many foreigners didn't know what and where - Kyiv was. Ukraine had been a part of the USSR for about 70 years and a part of the Tsardom of Russia for about 250 years. We were like an undiscovered country.But historians remember about Kievan Rus its Dukes of antient Kiev.

Duke Yaroslav was married to the daughter of Swedish King Olaf - Ingigerde (Irina).

The daughter of Kievan Duke Yaroslav Wise - Anna (Agnessa) was the wife of France's King Henry I.




 Kyiv is rich in history and in being the home of many famous people at different times.
For example: you surely can't be oblivious of Shevchenko but you really don't know who he is. It is either a Ukrainian poet or a football player. So we have two famous people with the same name.



 The capital has a lot of amazing buildings and places of historical value but many of them were destroyed at different times.
In 1240 Kiyv was completely destroyed by the Mongol invasion.
Then were Communists and the Second World War.
The communists destroyed a lot of historical and religious buildings and the war did not spare them, either.
Maybe somebody wouldn't agree with me but I think Kyiv could have been as beautiful and amazing as Prague or Paris.


Interesting facts about Kyiv:
In 1892 the first electric tram railway in the Russian Empire was opened.
In 1951 one of the first electronic computers produced in the continental Europe was built.
In 1960 the deepest metro station (Arsenalna) in the world (105.5 meters) was opened.
In 1975 the first fast tram in the USSR was launched.

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